More than 60 years on, many schools are less integrated than when the civil rights movement began, and the opportunity gap persists. ENID, Okla. — Six decades after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled school segregation unlawful, local and state minority leaders still are working to overcome the effects of segregation. This work continues amidst a mounting … Continue reading Resegregation

60 years after Little Rock

I recently published the article, below, about the history of segregation and desegregation in Enid, Oklahoma. Enid is an interesting case, in that it incorporates the development of segregation in Oklahoma Territory, before statehood. It was particularly interesting that segregation was not uniformly applied prior to statehood, and the implementation of laws that forced school … Continue reading 60 years after Little Rock

The way

I wrote this article back in June about a Catholic priest who led a group of pilgrims on the Santiago de Campostela. This route of The Way began in Portugal and ranged north into Spain, to Catedral de Santiago de Campostela, site of the remains of St. James and pilgrimage destination for tens of thousands … Continue reading The way