An alternative to the higher costs of college

With student loan debt and tuition costs continuing to rise, two-year colleges and regional universities may take on new appeal as a cost-effective alternative to larger state and private universities.

According to the nonprofit group College Board, average college tuition in the nation grew between 2011-12 and 2016-17 by 9 percent in public four-year universities, and by 11 percent in public two-year colleges, after adjusting for inflation. That means tuition costs during that period increased considerably faster than overall economic growth.

Some students and parents may find two-year and regional universities a more attractive option to counter those costs, earning the early years of higher education at a greatly reduced rate. Read more below:

The article linked above originally was published in the Enid News & Eagle on Aug. 3, 2017, by James Neal, Staff Writer.

2 thoughts on “An alternative to the higher costs of college

    • I agree, although I think socially we put too much emphasis on expensive college educations when many people might find more fulfillment in career/vocational programs (which should be attainable financially, and not valued less than college).


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