‘Tis tax season, Christmas for plutocrats

  It’s tax season, which means it’s time for hard-working Americans to donate to our favorite philanthropic cause: corporate welfare. I know, after four decades of real-wage stagnation for working-class Americans, you’ve all been hand-wringing over the plight of our country’s bloated billionaire class. After all, according to the Economic Policy Institute, the top 1 … Continue reading ‘Tis tax season, Christmas for plutocrats

Amid extremes, a call for radical love and unity

  This has been a week of political extremes, from the president’s asinine renewal of a nuclear arms race with Russia to the left’s overly optimistic “Green New Deal.” The political cacophony overshadowed a momentous bit of news. On Tuesday, Pope Francis met in Abu Dhabi with Egypt’s Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar … Continue reading Amid extremes, a call for radical love and unity