About James Neal

James Neal was born and raised amidst a variety of backgrounds and experiences, including attending a one-room Amish school, living aboard a sailboat in the Caribbootsbean and tending to a brood of very stubborn goats. He attended high school at St. Andrew’s School in Delaware, where his teachers did their best to impart some skill in and love of the written word.

James graduated with honors from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1998 and served as an officer aboard two ships during the opening phase of the war in Iraq. He went on to teach Naval Science at Rice University, earned a master’s degree in Political Philosophy and then worked as an editor and staff writer for two newspapers in Oklahoma.

In 2012 James and his wife Tammy leapt into the world of small business ownership, opening Southard House Bed and Breakfast Inn in Enid, OK. The inn is the setting for a forthcoming memoir on faith, love, business and some of the crazy things that happen when you decide to open a B&B in a hotel town. Other works include the short story “Taking Out the Tree,” and a forthcoming collection of short fiction. Follow James’ work on Amazon – and if you like it, leave a review!

James and Tammy spend their days tending to the inn, dreaming about other business ventures and writing…unless procrastinating about writing.