Our collective sickness: Killing ‘others’ for tribalism

It’s been a bad week for peace, human decency and the teachings of basically every major world religion. On Monday, Israeli troops killed 60 and injured more than 2,700 Palestinians in Gaza.  Israel apologists vilified the dead, to justify the bloodshed in the name of ‘Murica and God. And why were Palestinians protesting? Imagine your … Continue reading Our collective sickness: Killing ‘others’ for tribalism

2018: The choice before us

In his “Discourses,” Niccolo Machiavelli outlined a predictable cycle of power for republics. Machiavelli pointed to a gradual decline in republican virtue, culminating in a crucial point of decision. At that point, when virtue is all-but lost, the people must choose — either to drastically adjust course back to their founding principles, or else decline … Continue reading 2018: The choice before us